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We offer Toy Soldiers created by great artists and manufacturers from all around the world. We also have model trains and the Military Art Work of James Dietz, Don Troiani and Mort Künstler.

Toy soldier figurines depicting battle during WWI. These are British toy soldier troops storming the German trenches.

Toy Soldiers

Here you will find many different toy soldiers manufactured by highly skilled artists from around the world.

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Mort Künstler wall art print The World Turned Upside Down. Depicts Washington on horseback with his troops.

Military Art Prints

Here you will find Military Art Prints by Don Troiani, Mort Künstler and James Dietz.

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Toy soldier chess set with wood chess board. This set depicts the Union and Confederate soldiers as the chess pieces.

Toy Soldier Chess Sets

At Breagans, we get so many request for toy soldier chess sets and now we have them! These are beautifully crafted chess pieces with an antique finish or a hand painted finish. A wooden chess case is included.

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Collectible toy soldier figurines depicting college marching bands. This is Texas A&M marching band with 15 pieces.

Collegiate Marching Bands

This is a collection of College marching bands based on the toy soldier model. These figures are a standard 1:32 scale or 54 millimeters tall (approximately two and a quarter inches), made of white metal, sculpted, cast, assembled and hand painted in England.

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Model train set U.S. Army. This set has for rail cars and a circular track.

Model Trains

Find many exciting model trains and model train accessories.

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