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42nd Royal Highland Regiment

42nd Royal Highland Regiment

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42nd Royal Highland Regiment Battalion Coy Standing Make Ready, 1758-63

Model Number: 16099

Step back into the mid-18th century with this exquisitely detailed figure of a 42nd Royal Highland Regiment soldier preparing for battle. Perfectly capturing the unique adaptations made by these troops during their service in the American wilderness, this model represents a unique aspect of military history.


  • Scale: 1/30, providing a detailed and lifelike presence.
  • Finish: Matte, enhancing the textures and depth of the uniform and gear.
  • Historical Adaptation: Features modifications such as Indian-style blue wool leggings and the feilidh-beag, or little kilt, adapted for frontier warfare. The dark blue woolen bonnet topped with a black bear skin tuft adds a distinctive touch, reflecting the adaptability of these troops to the challenging North American environment.

This figure is not only a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Highland regiments but also serves as a fascinating piece for collectors and enthusiasts of military history. Ideal for display or as part of a larger diorama, it brings the fierce spirit of the Scottish fighters to any collection.

Enrich your collection with this unique piece, celebrating the ingenuity and spirit of the Highland troops in historical warfare.





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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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