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92nd Gordon Highlanders

92nd Gordon Highlanders

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This toy soldier set, numbered 0738, depicts the 92nd Gordon Highlanders during the year 1815.

The set includes a Sergeant and seven privates, all intricately designed and crafted to accurately represent the soldiers of this historic regiment. Each figure is hand-painted with attention to detail, making them a perfect addition to any collection or for imaginative play. The 92nd Gordon Highlanders were a renowned Scottish infantry regiment known for their bravery and skill in battle. This set is a tribute to their legacy and a must-have for any military history enthusiast.

The figures in this set are made with high-quality materials and are durable for long-lasting enjoyment. The Sergeant is depicted in a traditional red coat with a feathered cap, while the privates are dressed in the iconic tartan kilts and plaid sashes of the Highlanders. The poses of each figure are dynamic and realistic, capturing the essence of the soldiers in action. This set is a perfect representation of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders and is a great addition to any collection of historical figurines.

Whether you are a collector, a history buff, or simply looking for a unique and well-crafted toy, the 92nd Gordon Highlanders toy soldier set is an excellent choice. It is a faithful representation of this famous regiment and is sure to be a treasured piece in any collection. Don't miss the opportunity to own this beautifully crafted set and add a piece of history to your home.


Cast in quality white metal, hand painted gloss enamels.



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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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