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Art of War American Militiaman, 1775-81

Art of War American Militiaman, 1775-81

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This Toy Soldier set, 16105 Art of War: American Militiaman, 1775-81, is based on the artwork of Don Troiani. 

From the early days of European colonization in North America, able-bodied men were required to defend their towns and colonies along the Atlantic seaboard. These militia units were crucial in protecting against Native American tribes and foreign enemies like the French. They would gather and train at least twice a year, but as tensions rose between the colonies and Great Britain, some companies met more frequently to establish a higher level of training. While militias were the main defense force for the colonies, many men joined full-time state or Continental Line regiments when rebellion turned into war. This 1-piece set has a matte finish and ships in just 1 business day.

Model: 16105

Matte Finish

1 Piece Set





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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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