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Battle of the Thames

Battle of the Thames

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Open Edition Fine Art Print
Overall: 24" x 30.25"
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Canvas Giclee
35 Signed/Numbered
Overall: 24" x 33"

Battle of the Thames (also known as the Battle of Moravian Town) was one of the most decisive American victories during the War of 1812. Following the great American Naval victory on Lake Erie the British army in the northwest under General Proctor found itself without a steady supply line in late 1813. A large American force consisting of Kentucky Mounted Volunteers and a detachment of United States Regulars under General William Henry Harrison set out to pursue the retreating British. Procter’s infantry force along with Indian allies under Shawnee chief Tecumseh started to retreat along the Thames River hotly followed by Harrison. Underfed and demoralized Tecumseh urged Proctor to stand and fight.

Near Moraviantown Proctor drew up his army to face Harrison. The British 41st Regiment of Foot held the left flank in two lines and the Indians were placed on the right in a swamp. The Royal Artillery detachment was in the center.

The Americans immediately launched a mounted attack on the dispirited British who were only able to get off a volley or two. As the mounted men rode through the British, then turned on them again, most of the 41st  threw down their arms. Proctor and a small portion of his men escaped. The Indians on the right put up a very determined fight but were eventually defeated after Tecumseh was killed. About 600 British were captured and 33 Indians killed. The American losses were light most being incurred in the battle with the Indians. Ultimately, Proctor was court-martialed, the Indian alliance with the British fell apart and a Presidency was secured for Harrison.

Don Troiani

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