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British Royal Marine Drummer

British Royal Marine Drummer

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British Royal Marine Drummer, 1805-16

Enhance your collection with our "British Royal Marine Drummer, 1805-16" toy soldier figurine. This model captures the historical significance and role of a Royal Marine drummer during the Napoleonic Wars, providing essential signals and rhythm in both naval and battlefield settings.

Product Details:

  • Model Number: 13091
  • Scale: 1/30
  • Finish: Matte
  • Set Includes: One figure of a British Royal Marine drummer in uniform, equipped with a drum
  • Craftsmanship: Expertly hand-painted to highlight the authentic details of the Royal Marine uniform and the drummer's equipment

The drum was an essential tool for delivering signals over the noise of combat and for coordinating actions on board ships. This figurine portrays a Royal Marine drummer from 1805-16, reflecting the historical importance and duties of these musicians during the Napoleonic Wars.

Additional Information:

  • Historical Context: This figurine represents a British Royal Marine drummer during the early 19th century, a period marked by significant naval engagements and battles. The detailed design reflects the Marine’s uniform and drum, emphasizing the critical role of drummers in delivering signals and maintaining rhythm during combat and daily shipboard activities.
  • Collector's Appeal: Ideal for military history enthusiasts and collectors of Napoleonic Wars memorabilia, this piece offers a realistic portrayal of a Royal Marine drummer, showcasing the heritage and traditions of the Corps' oldest branch.

Add this meticulously crafted "British Royal Marine Drummer, 1805-16" figurine to your collection to honor the musical and signal contributions of the soldiers who served during the Napoleonic Wars.





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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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