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General JB Gordon at Gettysburg

General JB Gordon at Gettysburg

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This is Don Troiani print - General JB Gordon at Gettysburg.

Available Format of Print:
350 Signed/Numbered (available)
Overall: 30.75" x 24.5"
Image: 26.75" x 20"

Artist Proof (available)
50 Signed/Numbered
Overall: 30.75" x 24.5"
Image: 26.75" x 20"

Canvas Giclee (printed as ordered)
15 Signed/Numbered
Overall: 31" x 24"

As the Union 11th Corps crumbled under Confederate attacks West of the town of Gettysburg, a new danger presented itself from the North. Jubal A. Early's division was pressing forward towards willow tree lined Rock Creek and their dangerously exposed flank.

Among Early's Division was the Georgia Brigade commanded by fiery General John B. Gordon. Riding among the slanted bayonets of his division an artilleryman described the general on his black horse, "He must have been a direct descendant of ...Bucephalus... I never saw a horse's neck so arched, his eye so fierce, his nostril so dilated". The general's demeanor impressed the same observer: "Gordon was the most glorious and inspiring thing I ever looked upon ...bareheaded, hat in hand, arms extended, and in a voice like a trumpet, exhorting his men. It was superb; absolutely thrilling". In one of the most brilliant charges of the war, the Georgians hurled the Union forces back into the town insuring an overwhelming Confederate victory for the day's battle. 

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