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Old Sam Whittemore

Old Sam Whittemore

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This is Don Troiani print - Old Sam Whittemore, April 19th, 1775.

This print is available in two formats.

The first format is a Open Edition Giclee Printed on German 100% Cotton Rag Art Paper which comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity and is embossed with Mr. Troiani's initials.  The image is 23.25" wide by 16.25" high, the full print size is 27.25" wide by 21" high. 

The Second format is a Canvas Giclee Limited Edition of 45 (Each hand signed and numbered by Mr. Troiani) that is 33" by 23" and is $650. 

The Art of Don Troiani watermark will not be on the actual print. 

The subject is 78 year old Samuel Whittemore, who took up arms in the later part of the day on April 19, 1775 after the Battles of Lexington and Concord. While skirmishing with others he was cornered by soldiers of the battalion company of the British 47th Regiment of Foot. He shot one with his musket and two more with his pistols. He was shot in the face, clubbed in the head with a musket butt and bayoneted a number times. Despite his grievous wounds he lived another 18 years! Accounts of this vary greatly in details and the story gets better as told over over the last 200 years.

For more information please continue to this link: Samuel Whittemore

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