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Unlocking the Frontier

Unlocking the Frontier

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This is Don Troiani print - Unlocking the Frontier, November 29 1760.

Available Format of Print:
400 Signed/Numbered (available)
Overall: 30.75" x 24.5"
Image: 26.75" x 20"

Artist Proof (available)
50 Signed/Numbered
Overall: 30.75" x 24.5"
Image: 26.75" x 20"

Canvas Giclee (printed as ordered)
25 Signed/Numbered
Overall: 33" x 25"

Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Surrender of Fort Detroit to Rogers' Rangers.

The original Painting was commissioned by the Army War College class of 2010. The class has their own s/n edition with the college emblem and some desktop prints.

In late 1760's the French and Indian war came to a close as the French surrendered Montreal and all of their other frontier posts to the British. Major Robert Rogers, with a detachment of his famed Rangers and a company of the Royal American Regiment, were charged with supervising the crown jewel of these posts - Detroit. "The French garrison laid down their arms, English colors were hoisted and the French taken down, at which time about 700 Indians who were observing all this gave a huge and merry shout." The French garrison then left Detroit with an escort of rangers to be taken to Pittsburgh and, eventually to Europe. This is the moment shown in the painting, an event full of eighteenth century courtesy worthy of any European palace, but taking place on the North American frontier. For the occasion, the troops would have been in their best regulation dress: the French wearing their gray-white and blue uniforms, the rangers in green and the soldiers of the 60th in red coats. 

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