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Federal Irish Brigade Standing Firing No. 2

Federal Irish Brigade Standing Firing No. 2

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This toy soldier is a 1/30 scale replica of the Federal Irish Brigade Standing Firing No. 2.

It features a matte finish and is sold as a one-piece set. This brigade was authorized by Secretary of War Simon Cameron in September 1861 and was originally made up of New Yorkers. However, after suffering heavy losses at Antietam, the ranks were replenished with men from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

The Irish Brigade Brigadier General, Thomas Francis Meagher, wanted his men to use buck-and-ball shot, which consisted of a .69 caliber musket ball with four smaller balls. This produced a deadly shotgun-like blast, most effective at close-range. However, the men were issued with Model 1842 smoothbore muskets, an outdated weapon that was being phased out by the Union Army. As a result, the two Irish Brigade Light companies were unable to use this charge effectively.

Model: 31351

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

1 Piece Set





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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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