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Fort Ticonderoga 1758

Fort Ticonderoga 1758

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This is Don Troiani print - Fort Ticonderoga 1758.

This painting is available in three different print formats. 

The first format is a Canvas Giclee Artist Proof Limited Edition of 5 (Each hand signed and numbered by Mr. Troiani) that is 29" by 22" and is $800. 

The Second format is a Canvas Giclee Limited Edition of 45 (Each hand signed and numbered by Mr. Troiani) that is 29" by 22" and is $750. 

The third format is a Open Edition Giclee Printed on German 100% Cotton Rag Art Paper which comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity and is embossed with Mr. Troiani's initials.  The image is 25.50" wide by 19.25" high, the full print size is 30" wide by 24" high and is $175. 

The Art of Don Troiani watermark will not be on any of the actual prints. 

From Mr. Troiani: Ticonderoga  8 July 1758

Known as the battle of Carillon (now Fort Ticonderoga) on the shore of Lake Champlain, N.Y. a large British and Provincial Army under the command of James Abercrombie attacked a force of French regulars and militia under the Marquis de Montcalm. The French entrenched themselves behind a well fortified line outside of the main fort and held off hours of British assaults inflicting severe loses on the redcoats. At one point in the fighting a small group of Highlanders of the 42nd Regiment of Foot managed to break into the French works. Despite their bravery they were quickly overwhelmed by French Grenadiers held in reserve for just such a contingency. This was an astounding victory for French against a force nearly five times their size. 

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