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French Imperial Guard in Campaign Trousers

French Imperial Guard in Campaign Trousers

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French Imperial Guard in Campaign Trousers Standing Defending, No.2

Model Number: 36202

Step into the ranks of Napoleon's elite with the "French Imperial Guard in Campaign Trousers Standing Defending, No.2." This 1/30 scale model showcases an Imperial Guard, dignified and resolute, standing in defense with his bayonet-tipped musket. This figure captures the essence of "the Immortals," known for their valor and distinctive attire.

Clad in the historical Imperial Blue pantaloons lined with white cotton, a testament to the lavish care bestowed upon these troops, the soldier stands alert and prepared. His uniform, detailed with a bearskin hat and a red plume, reflects the grandeur of the Guard. The matte finish enhances the textural details of his attire and the grounded pose, emphasizing readiness and the tactical nature of his stance.


  • Scale: 1/30, ideal for detailed and historically accurate displays.
  • Finish: Matte, highlighting the intricate details of the uniform and equipment.
  • Composition: Single piece, portraying the soldier in a defensive posture.
  • Packaging: Securely packaged to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, ready to be a focal point in any collection of military miniatures.

This model not only represents the military prowess of the French Imperial Guard but also reflects the historical nuances of their campaign attire, making it a must-have for collectors who appreciate both the artistry and historical context of their miniatures.





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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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