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German Grenadier Standing with StG 44

German Grenadier Standing with StG 44

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German Grenadier Standing with StG 44, Winter 1944-45

Explore the evolution of infantry weaponry with our "German Grenadier Standing with StG 44, Winter 1944-45" toy soldier figurine. This model captures a pivotal moment in military history, showcasing the introduction and impact of the StG 44 on the battlefield.

Product Details:

  • Model Number: 25275
  • Scale: 1/30
  • Finish: Matte
  • Set Includes: One figure of a German grenadier standing with an StG 44
  • Craftsmanship: Expertly hand-painted to highlight the authentic details of the soldier’s winter uniform and the revolutionary StG 44

Developed by Hugo Schmeisser, the StG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44, “assault rifle 44”) was the answer to the German army’s need for an automatic fire battle rifle that could hit a target at a few hundred meters. Germany’s experience on the Eastern front against the elite Red Army units armed with semi-automatic Tokarev SVT-38 and SVT-40s and some Soviet rifle companies completely equipped with PPSh-41 submachine guns made this need very apparent. The new weapon was made with cost-effective pressed and stamped steel components and while it required specialized tooling to manufacture, it consumed fewer materials and was faster and easier to make than the standard issue 98k rifle. The StG 44 influenced modern assault rifles, especially (and ironically) the Soviet AK-47.

Additional Information:

  • Historical Context: This figurine represents a German grenadier during the winter of 1944-45, highlighting the introduction of the StG 44 and its impact on modern infantry tactics and weaponry.
  • Collector's Appeal: Ideal for military history enthusiasts and collectors of WWII memorabilia, this piece offers a realistic portrayal of the soldiers who wielded the revolutionary StG 44 during one of the most critical periods of the war.

Add this meticulously crafted German Grenadier Standing with StG 44, Winter 1944-45 figurine to your collection to honor the innovation and impact of the soldiers and weapons that shaped modern warfare.





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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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