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Prince August

Golf Roaring 20's Chess Set

Golf Roaring 20's Chess Set

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A truly Unique Golf Chess set.
Our newest release is our very first dedication piece, to the memory of the famous Irish golfer, Mr. A. V. 'Mac' Macan. He would have gone on to be one of the most famous golfers of his time except for the fact that he enlisted and was badly wounded, (losing his left leg) at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Until his death in 1964 he was without doubt the most prolific and revered golf course designer of his time.

Outstanding professionals, notably Walter Hagen and Harry Vardon were beginning to establish golf as a major sport in the early 20’s. Some of the first events on the American Professional tour began in the early 1920's one of those being the U.S. PGA Tour which is now the biggest and richest in the world.

Also in the 20’s on the other side of the Atlantic, golf was enjoying a similar growth in Britain. Women's golf in particular was very much the norm and was the top British golfer during the 1920's and some experts consider her to be the greatest woman golfer in history. The 1920's was indeed the golden age.

Hand Painted Finish means that the chess theme is carefully researched to be as historically accurate as possible and painted with Vallejo acrylic paints by our experienced Irish artists. Each layer has to be dried before the next layer can be applied. Many specialist techniques are deployed including 'drybrushing' and 'washes' to create glowing colours that catch the eye and make our painted sets stand out head and shoulders over our competition. All pieces are designed by our internationally famous designer Chris Tubb.

The wooden chess case has a built-in board and two drawers with foam protection for all the chess pieces to be safely stored away when being carried.

Scale is 54mm.





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These are not play toys. They are collectables. Recommended for 14 yrs old and older.

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