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Loyalist, 1st Battalion DeLancey' Brigade

Loyalist, 1st Battalion DeLancey' Brigade

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This is Don Troiani print - Loyalist, 1st Battalion DeLancey’s Brigade 1777-1778

A Note From Don Troiani: "This is a new Loyalist(Tory) figure just completed. It represents a private of Delancey's 1st Battalion in the winter of 1777-78. For those of you following the historically dreadful TV Series "Turn" , these were the troops (3rd Battalion) actually garrisoning Setauket. There were no British Regulars (redcoats) there, it was American Loyalists occupying the town. (This is the winter uniform which consisted of brown woolen overalls and leather cap. In the summer it would be a felt hat and white linen overalls or breeches. In 1778 the coats changed to red faced green from the previous green faced white."

11" W x 17" H

This stunning giclee is printed in pigment inks on the same high quality 100% cotton rag paper as the originals was painted on. Each prints comes with a certificate signed by Don Troiani, each print is embossed with Mr. Troiani's initials ensuring authenticity.   

These high quality prints are created by our staff, in our office located in Holland, Ohio.  Please allow 10 working days from order date for shipping.  

(The Art of Don Troiani watermark shown on the above image will not appear on your print)

Shipping in the USA is a flat rate of $15.00.  Please contact us for international shipping quotes.  

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