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Margaret Corbin Fort Washington

Margaret Corbin Fort Washington

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This is Don Troiani print - Margaret Corbin Fort Washington.

Available Format of Print:
350 Signed/Numbered (available)
Overall: 31" x 22.5"
Image: 27" x 18"

Artist Proof (available)
50 Signed/Numbered
Overall: 31" x 22.5"
Image: 27" x 18"

Canvas Giclee (printed as ordered)
15 Signed/Numbered
Overall: 33" x 22"

Margaret Corbin might well be described as “the other Molly Pitcher” and her compelling story has been overshadowed by other events. During the disastrous New York campaign of 1776 only one Patriot stronghold remained at Fort Washington on Manhattan Island. Cut off from all help or escape, the heavily outnumbered patriot garrison grimly awaited the inevitable British assault on their positions. 

In a small redoubt outwork, 25 year old laundress Margaret Cochran Corbin stood by her husband who was manning two cannons.  On the 16th of November a massive Hessian column of nine regiments clamored up the rocky slopes to assault their position. During the long fighting Margaret’s husband was killed and she stepped in to his place to help man the gun until she herself was gravely wounded in the arm. The fort fell, and after treatment she was returned to the Patriot side by the British. Granted a pension after the war, “Captain Molly” as she was known, lived at West Point until her death in 1800 where she was buried.  A true American heroine whose story is finally brought to life. 

In this latest Troiani masterwork we see the badly wounded Margaret slumped next to her cannon while the victorious Hessian Grenadiers overwhelm the patriot position. Now known as Fort Tryon Park, the Hudson River and the lofty Palisades dominate the background of the painting. With the typical Troiani unrivaled attention to accurate detail, even the embossed devices on the various grenadier caps can be easily discerned. The signed/numbered edition comes with a numbered historical descriptive sheet written by renowned historian James L. Kochan. 

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