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U.S. Sailor in Whites 1941-45

U.S. Sailor in Whites 1941-45

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U.S. Sailor in Whites, 1941-45

An undress white uniform had existed in the U.S. Navy since 1866. Until 1941, the summer and tropical uniform was a white cotton jumper with blue tar flap (the large and elongated back collar) and cuffs. This uniform was discontinued “for the duration” and was never reinstated. Instead the “Undress White Jumper,” still used the tar flap but was 100% white cotton (as was the button-fly navy trousers) with single left breast patch pocket. It could be festooned with rating badges, service stripes, specialty badges, and neckerchief. The shoes: black, low-quarter, plain-toed oxford-style with white socks. The white canvas hat, or “working cover,” emerged in 1886. Over the decades more stitching was added to keep the brim stiff and erect which earned the moniker “Dixie Cup.”

1/30 scale
Matte Finish

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