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Union Infantry Casualty

Union Infantry Casualty

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Union Infantry Casualty in State Jacket Falling Wounded

The American Civil War resulted in an estimated 1.5 million casualties. One reason for the high number of battle injuries was the continued use of outmoded tactical doctrine in the face of new technology. Rifled barrels, repeating firearms, and industrialized, large-scale production all factored in the carnage. But perhaps the most consequential component was the conical shaped Minié ball. At .58 to .69 caliber, its broad diameter, coupled with its straight trajectory, and relatively slow velocity spelled catastrophe for the woeful soldier at its end. The bullet’s soft lead composition meant it would mushroom when striking the combatant’s hard tissue, i.e., bone. The soldier’s shattered arm or leg bone resulted in a tremendous amount of amputations – just one of many tragedies of that war.

1/30 scale, matte finish

1 Piece Set

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