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WWI British Trench Section No.4

WWI British Trench Section No.4

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The scenic set depicting a WWI British Trench Section No.4, No Man's Land No.1, offers a poignant representation of the desolate and perilous landscape that characterized the front lines during the Great War.

Crafted at a 1/30 scale, this single-piece set is meticulously detailed to capture the rugged terrain and harrowing conditions of No Man's Land. The matte finish adds authenticity, enhancing the realism of the piece and evoking the bleakness of the war-torn landscape.

Measuring 11 inches in width, 13 inches in depth, and 3.4 inches in height, this scenic set provides a compact yet evocative portrayal of the treacherous terrain that separated opposing trenches during WWI. Whether used as a standalone display piece or incorporated into a larger diorama or tabletop wargaming setting, it serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by soldiers on the front lines.

Capture the haunting atmosphere of No Man's Land with the WWI British Trench Section No.4, No Man's Land No.1 scenic set, and honor the memory of those who endured the horrors of war.

Model: 51017

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

1 Piece Set

Measures 11"W x 13"D x 3.4"H

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