Collection: 70mm Helmets

Step into the world of military history with this collection of 70mm military helmets, meticulously crafted by Tradition of London. Each helmet is carefully handcrafted and hand-painted to capture the intricate details and historical accuracy of these iconic pieces of headgear.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship and authenticity, Tradition of London brings to life a diverse range of military helmets from various periods and conflicts. Whether it's the iconic steel helmets worn by soldiers in World War I, the sleek designs of modern combat helmets, or the ornate headgear of ancient warriors, this collection offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of military headgear throughout history.

Each helmet in this collection is a miniature work of art, painstakingly crafted to accurately represent the style, materials, and markings of its real-life counterpart. From the weathered patina of battle-worn helmets to the polished shine of ceremonial headgear, these miniatures capture the essence of military tradition and heritage.

Whether you're a collector, historian, or enthusiast, these 70mm military helmets from Tradition of London are sure to be a prized addition to any collection. Display them proudly as standalone pieces or incorporate them into dioramas, displays, or tabletop wargaming scenarios to add an extra layer of realism and authenticity.

Explore the rich history of military headgear with this exquisite collection from Tradition of London, where each helmet tells a story of courage, sacrifice, and honor on the battlefield.