Collection: The Train Art of Daniel T. Edwards

Daniel T. Edwards was born and raised in Morehead City, NC. He attended Pitt Community College where he earned an Associates Degree in Commercial Art and Graphic Design.

Here is some more information about Daniel in his own words:

"I am from Morehead City, NC, born and raised. I attended Pitt Community College where I earned my Associates Degree in Commercial Art and Graphic Design. I spent four years in Grand Island, Nebraska, where nearly 100 trains a day went through town back in the early 2000's. On the Union Pacific's Overland Route, I got to see a wide variety of Diesel Locomotives in various paint schemes. Although it was a great experience watching trains there, nothing could compare to that single track line that served Hamlet, NC and Wilmington, NC. It was there as a small boy I first remember drawing trains at my Grandmother's table. The railroad was only about a hundred feet or so from her front door. A few trains a day went through, many of them at night, but the inspiration was there even at that age.

I remember that small box of crayons and a few sheets of ruled paper my Aunt gave me. I vividly recall drawing an Orange SCL caboose, which at the time were a common sight on that railroad line. My Dad would watch with me the trains as they passed through. Although he didn't openly admit it, I think he enjoyed the trains as much as myself. All the while on the front porch my Grandma would be shelling beans with my Aunts. 

My Parents and Grandmother are no longer with me, but their inspiration and encouragement remain. Nearly 50 years have passed and through the years I have sold my artwork to clients on every major continent around the world. It is my hope the illustrations you see before you meet your high standards. All of this because of a little box of crayons... and a love of railroading from an early age.

Today most of my artwork is computer illustration, drawn using CorelDrawX8. I do a lot of research on each drawing, sometimes spending more time on that than the actual illustration. I recently began writing books with collections of my artwork."