Collection: Crimean War Toy Soldiers

Expand your historical horizons with our latest addition: a captivating collection of toy soldiers depicting troops from the Crimean War. Relive the epic battles and pivotal moments of this significant military conflict, fought from October 1853 to February 1856, as you explore meticulously crafted figurines hand-sculpted and hand-painted to perfection. Witness the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers from Russia, the Ottoman Empire, France, the United Kingdom, and Piedmont-Sardinia, as they clashed in a struggle for dominance in the Crimean Peninsula. These exquisite toy soldiers from Tradition of London capture the essence of the era, with attention to detail that brings history to life. Add these figurines to your personal collection and immerse yourself in the drama and heroism of the Crimean War. Alongside our civilian miniatures and other historic collections, these soldiers offer endless opportunities for creativity and storytelling. Enhance your displays and evoke the spirit of a bygone era with our diverse range of toy soldiers and civilian miniatures. Enjoy!