Collection: Unpainted Toy Soldiers

Welcome to Campaign Miniatures, where we present a remarkable collection of unpainted Toy Soldiers for avid modelers and collectors alike. Our models are meticulously crafted from polyurethane resin, ensuring sharp, crisp detail with no flash and minimal pitting. The metal parts are clean and sturdy, while the gun tubes on our tanks are CNC turned, guaranteeing precision and superior manufacturing quality. While our model kits are simple to assemble, they are anything but simple toys. Each kit is highly detailed and historically accurate, offering an exceptional modeling experience for enthusiasts of all levels. At Campaign Miniatures, we are passionate modelers, collectors, and historians. We devote extensive research and analysis to ensure the correctness and accuracy of all our products. Moreover, all Campaign Miniatures are compatible in size and scale with W. Britain figures and accessories, allowing you to seamlessly mix and match your completed kits. Keep an eye out for our expanding range of figures, vehicles, and accessories as we continue to strive for excellence in historical modeling.